Race Rules


1.    The race will take place under the rules of ASA, ANWN and IAAF.

2.    All participants must wear club colours during the race except if participating with a temporary licence.

3.    All participants enter at their own risk and by their entry indemnify the organisers and sponsors of any liability or claims.

4.    All participants in the 10km and 32km races must wear a valid 2020 licence number on the front and back of their

       running tops during the race. Unlicenced participants must buy a temporary licence (R40). Race numbers must be worn

       on the front of the running top, but must not cover the logo of the sponsor on the licence.

5.    Marshals and traffic officials must be obeyed at all times.

6.    No seconding will be permitted.

7.    Minimum age of 14 years on race day for the 10km and 19 years for the 32km.

8.    Category winners must provide proof of age to qualify for prizes (ID or other valid documentation).

9.    Athletes competing for prizes must wear official age category tags on the front and back of their running tops. All prize

       winners needs to be present at the prize giving to collect their prize. No prizes for walkers.

10.  Foreign athletes must observe IAAF rule 4 paragraph 2.

11.  No pets allowed.

12.  Any runner caught littering by any race official or marshal will be disqualified.

13.  Timing done by Finish Time. Do not bend your race number or remove your chip. 

14.  Entry fees cannot be refunded, returned, cancelled or exchanged. Not even on account of the weather or any

       other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the event organisers. Safety is our first concern.

15. The Free Race T-shirts are gifts and not entitlements, sizes subject to availability. All 32km & 10km pre-entries

      received with full payment before 10 March 2020 receives a Free T-shirt. A limited number of T-shirts may be

      available if entries are to be taken on race day. Please follow our Facebook Events page.



Prize Money


Equal prize money for men and women in both races.


32km Race:            Open             1st               R 1500

                                                     2nd              R 1000

                                                     3rd               R 750

                                40 - 49          1st               R 400

                                50 - 59          1st               R 400

                                60 - 69          1st               R 400

                                70+               1st               R 400


10km Race:            Open             1st               R 1000

                                                     2nd              R 750

                                                     3rd               R 500

                                Junior           1st               R 300

                                40 - 49          1st               R 300

                                50 - 59          1st               R 300

                                60 - 69          1st               R 300

                                70+               1st               R 300


5km Fun Run           No Prize Money